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Is it working as your default browser aside from with Outlook? I don't know Outlook, but if Maxthon is working properly as your default browser otherwise, perhaps Outlook does have its own preferences setting for what browser it opens.

Otherwise, if you're in Windows 7, I'd start with the Default Programs dialog (Control Panel - Default Programs - Set Your Default Programs) and check that Maxthon is in the list and "has all its defaults". You can also look in the same dialog to see what defaults FF is set for.

If you're using Maxthon portable, there's a neat program you can get called Register Firefox Portable which is written to add Firefox to the Default Programs editor in W7, but actually works fine with any portable browser.

Edit; An afterthought - Register Firefox Portable needs to be run as admin I think, and it occured to me that if you have the installed version of Maxthon, perhaps you need to run that as admin, just one time so you can get W7 to accept the changes to default programs.

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