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Joe, like J_L, I too think that JDK might not be responsible here for Box related crashes on Firefox.

How did you try to upload files on Box? By logging into your Box account from the browser? Or, are you using any add-on, or some other means?

I do not have any kind of Java installed on my system. But, even then, I was able to upload a file on Box. I did so by logging into my Box account from within the browser.

I have turned on the option of Click To Play from about:config in Firefox. But, even without activating Flash Player, I was able to upload the file on Box.

Also, even if you install Java on your PC, the JRE, or Java Runtime Environment is the one which is required for Java applets to function on sites. JDK is for development purpose, and when I had Java installed, I used to actually disable the JDK plugin on Firefox.

Do you really need Java on your system. I have uninstalled Java on my system since a long time, and I have not faced any problem with any site so far. But yes, some sites, or programs do require installation of Java, and if you are using such a site where it's really required, then you will have to have it installed.

Which version of JRE are you using? Is it the latest?

You can use Firefox update plugin check to see if it's the latest version. You can also use Secunia PSI to check, if you have it installed on your system.

J_L might be correct in guessing that maybe some other add-on is responsible for crashes on Box.
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