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I didn't mean that your Android OS is a fake. What I really meant to say is that there is a possiblity that your real Android version is not the one your system is telling you.

The fastest test I can think of to check your real Android version is by trying to install an app that requires a real 4.0 and up Android version, like this one:

If you cannot install it, that means your real android version is not the 4.0 one, but a lower one (2.3.x perhaps?).

Moving on, I double checked the .RAR file containing the driver and it opened with no problems for me; try downloading it again and then install one the free programs suggested here to open it:

After that, unzip the files to a folder and connect your phone to the PC. When asked about the drivers, point to that folder and Windows will proceed to install them.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell if those drivers are going to work flawlessly with your phone, since I don't have a phone like yours to test them. (although I sincerely hope they work for you ).
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