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Unhappy Firefox blocks Java Deployment Toolkit

Has anyone noticed that Firefox v.22 now blocks Java Deployment Toolkit? See:

I just tried to upload some files to my Box cloud storage and it cause FF to crash. Tried again - crashed again. I know Box uses JDK because previously when I tried to upload files with JDK disabled and it didn't work.

FF doesn't even give me a choice to enable or disable the JDK plugin - it's just blocked - end of story. How am I suppose to manage my files on Box then? Go back to IE?

Another FF link suggests users should contact the developer - Oracle in this case. I have done this, but given the constant security issues with Java, I'm not very hopeful it will be fixed. I also contacted Box about the issue. If I receive any feedback I'll report here.

BTW, the blocking of this plugin may affect users in other ways too.
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