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Huh so it does! Sign in, there's WoT, sign out and it's gone... you're right it's not Maxthon Flag either, I uninstalled it here and cleaned up and I still have the WoT symbols and score card.

Also, one of the links I posted on the previous page is identical to a link in the Maxthon forums, and even though I'm signed in there, there's no WoT. So maybe it's something specific to Gizmo's?

Anyway I'm in total agreement... for fast and functional browsing Maxthon really is the bees knees. Most of the really useful stuff that I have to add to Firefox is already here as standard - no faffing around to find compatible extensions which are broken by the next update. Basic tab functions like Duplicate, Close Left/Close Right and Auto Refresh. Split Screen, Ad Blocking, Screen Shots, a decent Resource Sniffer, Translation .... no doubt others that I've forgotten too. Fair enough Maxthon can't download from Youtube at the moment but that's no great hardship, there are enough easy work-arounds.

A couple of things I miss - grab and drag for page scrolling, and auto show/hide for the toolbars and sidebar (even manual show/hide), I think would be a definite improvement. And I know what you mean about the GUI I'm impatient to learn my way around the page and ui dat files, so I can slim down the tabs and toolbars a bit. Otherwise though, after the initial acclimatisation, it's really grown on me.

Skynotes I'm still a little wary of ... when I first tried it a few months back, it wasn't working properly and lost a couple of test notes that I put into it. It seems fine now but I'm not inclined to trust it with anything important. Not that I would anyway really, but it is very useful. I've used Resophnotes for ages, but the Maxthon option to select text and "send to Skynote" is great. I'd love to see that integrate with Windows Explorer as well as the internet.

I've put a few requests up on the forum for stuff that I think would be a genuine improvement without sacrificing the functionaity. And you get that sweet reply from "BugSir" or "BugMiss" :-D Ditto with problem reporting. Don't know if they actually go anywhere ... I reported a problem with Quick Apps in a previous version which is now fixed but whether that had anything to do with my input in anybody's guess.

I see some feature requests on the forums, like thumbnail tab previews, and think "No, please don't!". The bare bones functionality is what I really like about this browser.

And one of the best things, is that it is genuinely and completely portable. I can set it up here and transfer it to my office pc and everything works. Unlike a certain other browser that I spent most of yesterday setting up at home only to find that the "portable" version lost half its extensions and prefs when transferred to flash drive (Well, maybe not half, but even so...)

WoT Search ... when I first tried to use it as the default search engine, I just copied the MyWot searchpage address into the Maxthon engines page, which is quite funny because when you then try to search from the url box, you get this...

(The correct URL, if anyone's actually read this far, is "")
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