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sicknero; dunno how you've got it displaying WOT icons like your image shows, it can't be Maxthon Flag because I installed the extension but the icons don't display here. It got me thinking back, and I remember I once had it doing that, can't remember which version of the browser it was, maybe M3, but I remember it showed the WOT icon at the side of forum links. It worked briefly, then stopped doing it. Could never quite figure that out.

I still use WOT-SurfCanyon as default search because it displays the WOT ratings as default without having to change settings like you do with DDG - although I do also use DDG.

I like Maxthon, another example of what can be done re built in features and functions. I like the UI as well, nice and clean looking, options to customise it to what's best for you. It won't suit everyone, I always used to think some of the earlier UI designs were a little bit childish, kind of juvenille in appearence. Perhaps a cultural thing - and that's not to be unkind or rude in any way, that's just how I saw it. And I think that perhaps, over time, they've taken onboard comments from their user forum because it doesn't strike me like that now, they changed it to a more polished, professional look.

A very fast browser, not a resource hog. SkyNote is invaluable to me, especially with the quick launch keys because I don't like having the sidebar showing.

It's taken a while with M4, getting it right, and as sicknero pointed out there have been a couple of buggy releases along the way. But they seem to have ironed them out now, at least I don't see them in the previous few releases.

Bo, .... cheers
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