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Originally Posted by bo.elam View Post
Does the portable version comes with Flash?

Deya, like always, your reviews are complete and much appreciated. Thanks.

Yes it does... it has \Core\Webkit\Npplugins\NPSWF32.dll as part of the portable package.

To force Maxthon to use installed Adobe SWF you have to delete or move or rename the dll. Personally I rename it to "NPSWF32.dll.disabled", in case I need it again. I've found no difference myself from using one or the other, but some users say it helps them play media on this or that website.

Thinking about it though, seeing as the flash dll is in the Webkit directory, I'm wondering now if that means that switching to the Trident engine means that Maxthon automatically switches to the Adobe dll.... gonna have to experiment a bit methinks

*Also, although Maxthon has no WOT plug in, it does do this -

Not sure what to make of that, it could be an artefact of the Maxthon Flag extension I guess...

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