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Originally Posted by CASD View Post
The only problem I ran into is that each time I open the browser it reverses the tabs...Like yahoo-Drudgereport-facebook next time it's facebook-Drudgereport-yahoo, Drives me crazy
That's curious, so does mine I've just discovered I'd never noticed before because I don't use browser histories as a rule. I'll mention it on the forum.

Originally Posted by kendall.a View Post
I'd love if you could tell me or teach me to have my theme look like yours!!! That's cool.

Secondly, what are all the apps/links on the left side? I think I have 4 or 5; most of which I'll never use. Can I get rid of the ones I'm not going to use?
Add-ons from the top are... Maxthon Flag (which incorporates a WoT check plus McAffee Site Advisor and a few other things), Favourites (i.e. bookmarks) Manager, Skynote (cloud-syncing notepad), LastPass, Pocket (aka Read It Later), Gmail and Google Calendar utilities, Download Manager, utility, Sudoku, GrooveShark, Chillout (an internet radio station), a Youtube-in-sidebar extension, Youtube Smart Search (very neat, one of its functions is that mousing over any thumbnail on a Youtube page gives you a preview of the vid), Turn Off the Lights (basically just dims the screen around on-line video players like Youtube, and a Close All Tabs button. You can find all of them on the Maxthon extensions pages which you can go to most easily by clicking the + button at the bottom of the sidebar.

Extensions that you don't want ... as Deya says you can use the Extensions Manager; you can just temporarily disable them by unticking them, or you can delete them completely.
You can also remove them permanently by right-clicking the button on the sidebar which opens a menu. Annoyingly though there's no way to hide an extension button but still keep the extension active ... I've added that to the forum wishlist.
Some of them can't be deleted permanently, like the Maxthon RSS reader, the Download Manager, Skynote and the Maxthon Community shortcut (takes you to the forums) but you can still untick them in the Manager so they will be inactive and hidden.

The GUI ... I just used the skins manager to load my own abstract pic and another for the Quick Access background (the page that looks like Speed Dial). To make Quick Access your home/start page, you just need to set "about:blank" as your homepage in settings.

I have two files modded ... ui.dat is modded so that my pic/colours also spread to the status bar. No idea why it doesn't do that anyway. And page.dat is modded so I can choose how many dials are in the Quick Access page (anything from 1x1 to 9x9), plus a few more options. You can do a lot by unpacking page.dat and ui.dat and editing the CSS but I'm still learning that. So far I've just managed to slim down the sidebar a bit...

You can download the modded page.dat here for the extra Quick Access options - page.dat modded - and the modded ui.dat here for the coloured status bar - ui.dat modded - although you might need different versions depending on what version of Maxthon you have. You might also want the en.ini language file to go with the new Quick Access options, although it's perfectly usable without. If you do get it, just find the Language folder in the Maxthon directory, and put it in there.
Just be sure to make spare copies of files (page.dat and ui.dat are both in \bin\) before you replace them with modded ones, just in case.

In fact if I were you, I would download the portable version of the latest beta ( from the forum - Maxthon latest beta. I've been using it since it came out, it's been perfectly stable for me. If you get the portable version, it's completely self-contained so you can mess it up to your heart's content and just unpack another if/when you break it It's also a handy way to check out new extensions.

Let us know how it goes anyway .... I've been using it a few months now, so I'm getting to know my way around it if you get stuck with anything.

I'd also have a good look around the forums, which you can get to from the top-right drop-down menu and "Maxthon Community", there are some useful discussions and links there such as other mods. I've yet to learn though how to combine different mods into the same file ... for instance there's one that removes bold font from the active tab, but as it's also a ui.dat file, I need to suss out how to combine it with the one that colours the status bar...

(I just noticed that I wrote "Gozmo's.." last night Feel free to correct my typo please, any passing moderator...)

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