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Hello dazed and confused, and welcome to the forum.

There are far more knowledgeable persons than I here. Hopefully, one of them will reply to you soon. In the meantime...
...serious problems such as a hijacked browser, a new wireless network name that has substituted the LAN settings I created with a name of "Home 26" or similar. This network will allow access to internet for a while but usually slows speeds way down and eventually will not allow any internet access.
I'd say that sounds very serious.

Although you do provide some information about your issue, I think you need to be more specific. For instance, you say...
...there are programs that I cannot alter, uninstall or delete often with names I do not recognize all have one of these Admin names in the security tab under the properties info.
...yet you don't actually provide the names of these programs. I feel if you were to provide the names, persons here would be in a better position to advise you. Some of these "programs" may be rogues posing as genuine software for all you know.

the "User" site in the C: drive shows a dozen different admin users.
You should be more specific and state the actual path that leads to these "dozen different admin users". For example, is it something like C:\Users?

There's no reason for not disclosing or stating facts like these. It's not as if you were asked to disclose your username or password.

Also, Gizmo's is a freeware site - meaning we don't specialize in malware detection and removal. Again, you say you have asked for help at other forums but was Bleeping Computer one of them? If not, I would suggest you try them. They are very knowledgeable and expert at malware removal. And please try to remember to provide pertinent and specific information, and follow their instructions closely.

Lastly, it appears you are using an admin account in Windows for your everyday computing, including whatever internet activities you engage in. That doesn't sound like you are practicing recommended safe browsing/computing habits. I say this because regardless of whichever anti-malware or AV you use, you cannot expect to not get infected if you are not practicing safe habits. Also, even if a site like Bleeping Computer were to clean your PC, it's likely you'd get infected again if your computing habits don't change for the better. I hope you don't take this as my knocking you but rather as some well-intentioned advice.
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