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Default recurring issue with admin profiles


First time poster. Would welcome comments and suggestions re: ongoing issues with PCs running Windows 7 64 bit OS. I have spent far too much money on new PCs, security programs, remote monitoring services all have claimed problem does not exist. I have used xxxx and have tried MBAM, Comodo, CCleaner, SpyBot S&D, all but SpyBot have been unable to detect issue. SpyBot seemed to detect problem but was unable to fix. Is it paranoia on my part or incompetence on their part?

The first indicator of this recurring problem is usually an attempt to uninstall a program shown in control panel and getting error message stating that the admin profile that I have created has insufficient privileges to uninstall given program. Though the User link in the Control Panel and all superficial UAC account settings do not show any sign of other admin users, the "User" site in the C: drive shows a dozen different admin users. The UAC permissions advanced setting details these admin profiles, universally named CREATOR OWNER, SYSTEM, and ADMINISTRATOR along with some familiar names that I may have used in past but had not created on the PCs I'm currently using. All of these "hidden" admin profiles have "Full Permissions" and "Inherited Permissions". I have been told by the techs at xxxxx, Windows, and xxxxxx that these are Windows admin profiles that are meant to be hidden.

Though that seems credible, the fact that there are programs that I cannot alter, uninstall or delete often with names I do not recognize all have one of these Admin names in the security tab under the properties info. I might let it go at that but the appearance of these admin profiles have usually been followed by more serious problems such as a hijacked browser, a new wireless network name that has substituted the LAN settings I created with a name of "Home 26" or similar. This network will allow access to internet for a while but usually slows speeds way down and eventually will not allow any internet access.

I feel like I have been misled by every PC support company I have enlisted to fix this issue but that sounds as if it reeks of a conspiracy of incompetence or negligence.

This is far from the first forum I have attempted to ask people with greater technical knowledge than my own but these inquiries have rarely elicited a response. This could be due to the wordiness of my posts but I am at al loss of how to describe situation more briefly. Thanks for any help.

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