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Default I like Maxton :-)

I've been using Maxthon for quite a while now as my secondary browser, I'm currently on beta portable.

It went through a brief phase of being a bit buggy for me, but a lot of it seems to be sorted now although reading the forums it seems that some people do still have problems with it.

I like it, loads. True I'd very much like to see proper support for WoT, and proper script and cookie managers (java and cookies are pretty much On/Off at the moment), but other than these points I think it's excellent. It does at least have a Flash blocker which works fine whether you're using the Adobe plug in or Maxthon's own NPSWF32.dll.

I find it very smooth and fast, and stable - some sites which are noticeably laggy in other browsers run excellently in Maxthon.

It has several features that I really like a lot - the whole "cloud browser" thing, which means that extensions, preferences, bookmarks, history, and even the built in notepad, are synced wherever I use it. For instance it's a breeze to select a chunk of text that I want from a webpage, then right-click and "Send to Skynote" so that it's available for me whatever computer I'm on. No Xmarks support unfortunately, but I live in hope and it does at least have Pocket and bookmarks can be exported to html.

Also downloads can be sent straight to the cloud (2 gig of space, apparently) as well as which tabs and website content can all be "pushed" to the cloud.

The switchable webkit/trident is handy for one website that I use a lot at work which doesn't display properly on webkit.

The customisable "night mode" which is a one-click switch to a different colour scheme, is a nice touch.

The pop-out video player is a nice idea ... I can minimise the main browser and have the player in a screen corner, and the built-in "resource sniffer" works very well on the whole although the latest Youtube changes have defeated it for the time being.

The "Quick Apps" function is great ... essentially it lets you turn any tab into a stand-alone site-specific browser. This is perfect for a lot of sites like Youtube, iPlayer, Google Maps, Wundergound and so on which tend to lag in Firefox, some of them quite badly.

There's a very nicely made "Reader Mode", and built-in ad-blocking, system monitoring, shortcuts to system processes and files, and even a split-window function.

All in all it's a very different experience to Firefox, which has taken me a while to get used to. I don't right now see it ever replacing FF for me, but I do find myself using it more and more often.

There's a fairly good collection of extensions on the community forum some of which are very well made indeed, and there are some pretty neat mods floating around which can transform the look of the browser or just change a few basic elements. I kind of miss the sheer volume of add-ons that can be found for Firefox, but conversely a lot of functions that I need add-ons for in FF are built in to Mx as standard. By way of comparison, it's taken me several hours today to set up FF 23 portable the way I want it, along with the numerous plug ins that I want to get FF doing everything I want it to and before I even finished I was running into stability and compatibilty problems...

True, easy skinning isn't implemented for Mx 4 yet, but there's an unpacker/packer available so that you can extract the .dat files and if you know your way around css you can have it looking pretty much any way you like.

The actual forum can be very helpful with queries and/or problems - indeed it has quite a pleasant "cosiness" about it thanks to the smaller user base and lastly, the iMaxthon start page isn't half bad either.

My Mx home page and skinned/modded frame ...

Gizmo's in "night mode" ...

Gizmo's in "reader mode" ...

and Dilbert in the pop-out player ...

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