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I installed Maxthon 4 last night. I really like it!

In the past couple of weeks, I've been trying out FF variants as I've found my FF getting way to slow to startup. I've tried Palemoon, Waterfox, and Cyberfox. All of them have their pro's and con's, but they all suffer from the same issue as FF on both my work and home computers--very slow (15-20 seconds) to start up from a cold start.

This Maxthon starts up as fast or faster than Chrome. And, yes, there now is a Last Pass plug-in or extension for Maxthon! (It's not perfect, but it works!)

No, there's no WOT extension or skins yet (at least in the traditional sense of downloadable skins) However, I have added DuckDuckGo as a search engine and you can change the existing skin through the use of several pre-set skins within the program and even change the color schemes.

I've only been using it for one day, but it may soon become my primary browser.
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