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Default The cell is new but Spreadtrum is missing

I recently purchased an 4" Android D7100, with
Android 4.0.4 on it, 1GHZ, 3MP cameras, Wi-fi,
Analog TV and Radio, DUAL SIM.
I plugged the Android in the laptopvia USB cable
to update the software and a part of it (the Spreadtrum)
cannot be found on the Internet...
I still cannot access the Internet or my emails on this Android,
I have sychronization problems and even some
photos are not very clear, the connexion to the Internet is
almost absent, as when the phone has not signal for performing
this connection.
The Spreadtrum phone is missing.
I contacted the seller, the manufacturer too,
but no answer for several (whole) days...
Please, tell me if you have any solution to this,
where should I find anyone or anything to repair
my NEW phone. HOW can I update the software ?
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