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Originally Posted by sicknero View Post

Someone pointed out on this forum a little while back, MC possibly, that no matter how theoretically efficient your security is, user-friendliness plays a big part in how effective the end result is going to be.
Yes, this would have been me and such will always remain my opinion.

It is also good to see some of the independent labs like AV-Test marking down products with poor usability.

At the other end of the scale are reviews from PC Mag that penalize products for their inability to install into a heavily infected machine. How useful is that?.. absolute garbage! The main purpose of any security product should IMO be to keep a clean machine malware free. This has always been Comodo's policy too. I have never seen a heavily infected Windows machine that didn't require paid technical attention to clean up and was able to be returned to a pre-infected state of operation. Best then to rescue what you can, learn from the mistake and reformat.

You are correct too that test results vary so widely and there is never any data available for individual users to assess how these results might apply to them. Certainly from my own observations, had the majority of infected users I came across employed safe surfing practices and used WOT with a DNS filter, they would have remained clean even without an AV.

The bottom line is that most of the usual AV products score 100% for known malware so that leaves socially engineered and zero day exploits, the majority of which can be avoided by employing safe surfing practices and products like Sandboxie. The problems begin when users insist that AV vendor claims for "protection" must be correct and then ignore safe surfing practices and the few browser extensions it would take to keep them safe.
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