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Thanks for your advice and inputs guys. It's really educating to learn what all these things like System Reserved and PQ Service are. For that matter, I didn't even know these were partitions. I was under the mistaken impression my C: drive only had a single partition - that should tell you how much I know about this stuff.


Thanks for all the links. I don't know how I didn't find the one for PQ Service, Lol. From a noob's perspective, I agree it's not worth getting rid of the System Reserved partition. It is only 100 MB and not worth messing with.

I do have factory restore disks which my sis made for me when the laptop was first purchased, but I'm in favor of keeping the PQ Service partition as added insurance. For that matter, I have to get around to verifying that they work. My BIOS was changed already to boot from the optical drive first - if I were to insert the 1st disk and reboot, would that be a good way of verifying at least the 1st disk?


The laptop's C: drive is 250 GB, and I'm backing it up to a 500 GB portable HDD. I successfully backed up the "Basic MBR Hard Disk 0". I read in Paragon's manual that verification of the backup is a default setting, nevertheless, I still did another verification afterwards. Maybe the 2nd time wasn't necessary, but as you guessed, I don't have a spare HDD to test if it will restore properly.

My intention is to always retain this "full" backup of the "Basic MBR Hard Disk 0" because I'm fairly confident everything in my computer is functioning at this stage. I want to keep that as my last resort in case nothing I do helps in a disaster.

I also want to make another backup of "Acer (C: ) [Primary]" and either update it incrementally, or make another backup like it on a regular basis. This will be the my first recourse if I need to restore the C: partition.

Also, the 500 GB portable HDD will have surplus capacity. I want to create 2 partitions on it - one for the archived backups/images, and the other for storing less important stuff that isn't accessed regularly. My intention is to make the partition for backups, say, 200 GB, and allotting the remainder to the other partition. I've read where partitioning is serious business, and doing so without really knowing what you are about could have serious consequences. That's partly the reason I asked for advice in the first place.

Am I making sense so far? What are your thoughts?

  1. I feel sorry for most people if they have to learn all this stuff. On the one hand it's daunting; on the other hand if they don't find out how, they would be lost if disaster struck. I consider myself technically inclined and always willing to learn - but not everyone is that way. Just saying...
  2. Anupam, thanks for the info on including an image within my post. I'll look for the feature when next I need it.
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