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Originally Posted by Joe A.TT View Post
Here's the actual info the backup wizard shows for my PC:
  • Basic MBR Hard Disk 0 (TOSHIBA MK2565GSX) [Internal Hard Disk Drive]
  • First Hard Disk Track [First Track]
  • Master Boot Record [MBR]
  • PQ SERVICE [Primary]
  • Acer (C: ) [Primary]

Therefore, based on your advice, "Basic MBR Hard Disk 0...." is what I should choose if my intention is to keep this backup in case my laptop's HDD fails?
Joe, to attach an image, you can either attach in the post itself. The option can be seen under "Additional Options" under the reply box.

Or, you can upload the image on image site, like imageshack, or, and share the link here.

Regarding creating image of your hard drive, if you want to create an exact image of your hard drive as it is now, then yes, you should select the first check-box, which will be for "Basic MBR Hard Disk 0". I think under this are all other things in the list.

PQ Service is e-recovery partition of Acer, which contains files necessary to recover the laptop to the factory state. So yes, it is required.

System Reserved partition contains the boot files for Windows, and is created in Windows 7 and 8. So, that is required too, because without that Windows won't boot.

First hard disk track contains the MBR, which contains the partition information. So, that's necessary too.

So, yes, all of them are required.

I would suggest that after making the image, you try to restore it too, and see if it works. But, that won't be possible, because you wouldn't want to restore it on your working hard drive. If you had a spare hard disk on the same laptop, then you could have used that to restore the image and test whether it works, but I think that's not the case too. So, you have to just store the image, and hope that it works. It should work though, so don't worry. Just make sure that you verify the image, after creating it. You can do that from:

Wizards --> Backup Utilities --> Check Archive Integrity...

On my desktop, when I thought of trying out imaging... for a while, I had to hold it off, because I wanted to restore too, to see if it works... otherwise, I had no way to know how to restore, or if the image works. So, when I got a spare hard disk, then I was able to image the working hard drive, and then restored it on the spare one. It's an easy process.

Occasionally, I did come across the problem of the image not booting... cause was the MBR. In Paragon, it has the feature to update MBR, accessible from "Hard Disk" menu. So, I booted from Paragon rescue disc, and updated the MBR, and then the other hard drive booted fine too. Just posting so that it might come in handy sometime.

Good luck .
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