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J_L, thanks for responding. Long story short - no, I don't have any VMware products installed. I copied that information from the PDF manual. I suspected something was looking fishy, and in retrospect, I really should have posted the actual information as shown on my PC. Sorry to lead you astray . Here's the actual info the backup wizard shows for my PC:
  • Basic MBR Hard Disk 0 (TOSHIBA MK2565GSX) [Internal Hard Disk Drive]
  • First Hard Disk Track [First Track]
  • Master Boot Record [MBR]
  • PQ SERVICE [Primary]
  • Acer (C: ) [Primary]

The HDD has no visible partitions except for the a single primary one, so my setup is quite simple and not complicated at all. And yes, I'll be backing-up to an external HDD.

Therefore, based on your advice, "Basic MBR Hard Disk 0...." is what I should choose if my intention is to keep this backup in case my laptop's HDD fails?

BTW, what's "PQ SERVICE"? I tried some searches on the internet, but couldn't find any explanation of what it is, or what it does.
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