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(a) If you only want to backup the Windows partition (which is the source of most failures), then yes. I would backup the entire drive though, just in case anything goes wrong ("First Hard Disk Track [First Track]" contains the partition table and the MBR that boots OS). What I'm confused about is "Basic Hard Disk 0 (VMware, VMware Virtual S SCSI Disk Dev) [Internal Hard Disk Drive]", do you have any VMware products installed? Especially ESXi?

(b) Yes, but only the Windows partition if you choose "Local Disk (C: ) [Primary]". You can try to manually fix the MBR, but I have a feeling your setup is too complicated for that. Make sure you backup in another hard drive.

(c) Speed, and you can restore just that partition if you modify the other parts. Also, it's probably more compatible restoring to another system with a different partition table. I remember that you can choose what to restore on where, so only speed should count.
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