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Default What do I choose to backup?

I downloaded Paragon Backup and Recovery Free 2013 to my W7 x64 machine. I also downloaded the PDF manual, but some things are unclear to me and I need the guidance of those who are more knowledgeable. I suppose my lack of understanding is partly because this is the first time I'm attempting to use this type of software. I must admit the whole topic of hard drives, and the terminology and technology associated with it is new to me . Although there are wizards that are suppose to make it a no-brainer, I still have questions. For instance, when I launch the backup wizard, I get a window with the following under My Computer:
  • Basic Hard Disk 0 (VMware, VMware Virtual S SCSI Disk Dev) [Internal Hard Disk Drive]
  • First Hard Disk Track [First Track]
  • Master Boot Record [MBR]
  • Local Disk (C: ) [Primary]
  1. Please excuse my lack, but I haven't figured out as yet how to include an image with my post (Lol )
  2. The text enclosed in square brackets appears under the "Type" column on the right of the window.
My Requirements/Objectives
All I want to do is backup the C: drive in case it fails or my computer crashes, etc. Occasionally, I would want to repeat this backup (either incrementally or full) so that I'll have several backups to fall back on.

My Questions
(a) In particular, I'm unsure of what to choose to backup. Should I choose "Local Disk (C: ) [Primary]?
(b) Would the archive file thus created in (a) above restore my PC's hard drive?
(c) If (a) above is correct, why should that be chosen instead of "Basic Hard Disk 0....."?

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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