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Originally Posted by windyctyprog View Post
I don't understand the last few comments...
The last few posts that you are referring to, were about the Software Update module, that has been added into Avast 8. It looks for outdated software which are installed on the system, and alerts to install the new version.

Originally Posted by windyctyprog View Post
I changed the updates in Avast to just notify when available from the default automatic updates - Avast kept nagging me that my system was at risk and it took me a long time to figure out that it was the change in update status that triggered the status, and not any lagging updates.

Also, when I manually downloaded after I changed the status, it was an endless loop - everytime I hit OK after the download, it would kick me back to the previous screen telling me an update was available, which wasn't.

I press OK, back to the previous screen, yet again.

Once I figured out that it was the update status change, the nag icon went away.
I think you are using the wrong terms here. What do you mean by update status change?

There are 2 types of updates in Avast. These can be seen when you access the Settings, and then choose the Updates tab. One is the definitions update, which is by default on, and should be let on. It's titled "Engine and Virus Definitions".

The other is the program update, means it's for alerting and downloading new versions of Avast Antivirus. It's titled "Program". By default, it's set to "Ask when an update is available". So, it does not come enabled by default.

So, I think you disabled the automatic updates for the virus definitions, and that's why, Avast was showing you an alert that your system is at risk. And that's a pretty valid alert, because indeed without the virus definitions update, your system is definitely at risk.

Originally Posted by windyctyprog View Post
I am not sold on this software
I think you misunderstood the terminology and the settings. That's why you are having problems.

Originally Posted by windyctyprog View Post
Oops, one more thing - I use PostBox as another email client along with Thunderbird. Avast kept stopping me from sending out emails on PostBox until I added it to a security exception popup that finally showed up after 2 days.

I have no idea how to add exceptions to Avast.
If you open Avast interface, on the left hand side you will see an Antivirus tab. Click on it, it will show the different shields. I think the problem was with the Mail Shield here... although I am not sure, because I install Avast without the Mail Shield. When you click on Mail Shield. Click its settings, and look for Exclusions in the left hand side. There you can add exceptions.

Similarly for other shields.

For any new program, you have to spend sometime and look around. If you can't find anything, either consult the manual, or post on forum, or just poke around the settings yourself. But, some time has to be spent with a new program, before you figure it out.

I have been using Avast since years, and I am pretty happy with it. I find it the best, and it works for me, so I will keep using it.
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