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I don't understand the last few comments...

I installed Avast 8 after years of MSE use because of the WGA plugin issues in Firefox.

I changed the updates in Avast to just notify when available from the default automatic updates - Avast kept nagging me that my system was at risk and it took me a long time to figure out that it was the change in update status that triggered the status, and not any lagging updates.

Also, when I manually downloaded after I changed the status, it was an endless loop - everytime I hit OK after the download, it would kick me back to the previous screen telling me an update was available, which wasn't.

I press OK, back to the previous screen, yet again.

Once I figured out that it was the update status change, the nag icon went away.

I am not sold on this software - maybe try Avira, although I remember the nag screen.

MSE was pretty non-invasive, I ran it with PrevX for years, but since the plugin management changes in Firefox 21, I had a week of awful problems getting MSE to update, MS kept telling me that my version of Windows was not genuine, and I had to reinstall the 2 plugins manually every day.

I also made the mistake of responding to a PrevX reminder that a new version was available and it downloaded the new Web Root version, which is paid. I liked PrevX a lot.

So, I changed everything - I did run Immunet beside Avast for about 2 days, my system slowed to a crawl, so I jettisoned Immunet.

The combination of MSE and PrevX was efficient and very effective.

So, that's my experience with Avast 8 thus far...

Oops, one more thing - I use PostBox as another email client along with Thunderbird. Avast kept stopping me from sending out emails on PostBox until I added it to a security exception popup that finally showed up after 2 days.

I have no idea how to add exceptions to Avast.

I did find out, though, that previous versions of Avast had issues with T'Bird, of which PostBox is a derivative.
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