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Dual desktops...

XP with Omnimo based Rainmeter desktop theme and Black 2 Windows XP based window and menu and visual styles theme under the EX2008 full theme pack. Start Killer has been used to delete the start button from the XP task bar, which has been moved to Object Dock as shown. All docks and task bar are set to auto hide. Start menu is launched with a custom Windows 8 icon with see through boundaries.

Rocket Dock to the right and ObjectDock along the bottom. Tiles of Omnimo are very innately configurable. However, to achieve the meter colors, some manual text editing of the Rainmeter skins for the tiles was required. The colors of the meter readouts were changed from gray to the orange color shown for this setup. Setup also employs Dexpot multiple desktops...

Layered over the Rainmeter desktop is the Windows 8 style start screen program, Newgen, which includes super amazing boot skin, welcome screen, and sound theme. Live tiles can be created for applications and default ones may be added for time, weather, and a number of other features. There is a pull down screen also, which is not shown in this picture due to size requirements for the image.

This setup is set up to load into the Newgen sliding start screen on start up. All in all the setup uses 2-4% of processor resources on a 2.13 GHz 4 GB RAM core2duo system. All software is freeware and freely distributed on the internet.
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