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Originally Posted by wdhpr View Post
I installed this app and though it can be very helpful I read that it can also cause problem such as causing the phone to continuously boot into a loop. By running the cleanup tool I gained an additional 25 MB for the phone as for the other tools in this app I will proceed with extreme caution since I'm unable to make a NANDROID backup.
It is true that a faulty operation while using SystemCleaner can cause the infamous bootloop. But it is equally true that it could also happen when using any advanced app with root permissions such as TitaniumBackup, Root Uninstaller or even ES Explorer.

Thankfully, the developers have found ways to protect the users from themselves by adding double or triple confirmation boxes and by labeling the apps with relevant information such as "system - do not remove" or "safe to remove" and so on. Unfortunately, we never fail to get 'adventurers' who dare to do it anyway just for the sake of it.

Common sense 101: Leave things the way they are unless you really, really know what you are doing. Don't forget to make regular nandroid backups of your system and keep them somewhere else besides your SDCard like in the Cloud or in a good flash drive.

If you cannot install CWM for whatever reason, then OrangeBackup is a must and I hope that it will prove useful in creating your first nandroid backup.

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