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Originally Posted by Anupam View Post
Ah great IO.Hazard! I knew you will come up with something

BTW, how do you measure the startup manager in ES Task Manager?
ES Task Manager is a great tool for unrooted devices, but if you have a rooted one there are some apps (such as the one I suggested to you) that will do a better job.

Originally Posted by kendall.a View Post
Please forgive me, but am I correct that your phone has to be rooted in order to use this app?

Is there a similar app for un-rooted phones?
Yep, SystemCleaner works only on rooted devices.

I'm afraid there is not a similar app for non-rooted phones and if you find one, chances are it is some kind of placebo. That is not due to a lack of good free apps, it is just because non-rooted devices are harder to control and tweak. As I said to Anupam, ES Task Manager is the closest you can get to a good, sensible app management on non-rooted phones and tablets.
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