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Another article, another angle, a day later from the same site that IO.Hazard linked to;

It's an interesting debate, opinions are divided.

I've been thinking about it a bit. Maybe the popularity of tablets is something to do with the way you can personalise them, the way you do with a smartphone? - it's yours. No one else uses it, you share it with no one, unlike a PC at home that may have different user accounts and is used by all the family?

Tablets allow you to store only your own music and images, install your own apps and games - only the ones that suit you. Then add to that the portability. It truly becomes your own personal PC, one which you can take anywhere, much more conveniently than a laptop.

I believe also that multi media, the way we use it and the way these things handle it is also a factor. Not only can they be hooked up to a PC or a smartphone, but hooked up to a compatible TV via HDMI they show another dimension to their capabilities. Streaming movies, videos etc. Here, at home, we never did that before with the laptops. But now we have a lead that's compatible with two different tablets - plug either one into the TV and off you go. Crystal clear picture, no buffering.

Tablets just seem to handle streaming media much better, they don't seem to be bogged down as much with other software and processes. They seem to operate better even with a weaker wi-fi signal. At least that's the way I'm seeing it .... and both those tablets connect easily to XP without any fuss. It's easy to transfer files from an older PC to new tablets, or just use the cloud.

Maybe you guys see it differently, I don't know. We've had two iPads here for ages, I've used one when I've had to but, other than that, no interest. But now, and for whatever reason, in the last few months I've taken more notice of tablets and have started using one more often.

Perhaps there's some novelty effect in it for me, most of the apps either puzzle me or are of no use to me. I'm definitely not the tablet target audience, that's for sure. And yet, looking around here I seem to be of the age group that's buying them most?

Maybe the target audience really is adults, as opposed to the kids?
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