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That's what gets me about this surge in tablets. I would have thought they'd be cheaper in your neck of the woods than here, because we always have to pay through the nose for stuff like this. It's unusual because UK prices are usually ramped up, they know we'll pay - and we do. Things are almost always cheaper elsewhere.

So the theory goes that they're targeting markets to wean us off of PC's - Microsoft, and their big markets. And they're doing this by hitting these markets with loss leaders, heavily discounted tablets, Android in particular, a free OS.

Take Amazon, and their Kindle Fire HD tablet. They reckon they lose $50 on each tablet sold, and they do this to get people hooked into the Amazon 'eco system' - hoping that they'll make the loss back by users buying stuff from them. Shopping, movie subscriptions, apps, books, etc. 160 for a 16 GB tablet which probably ought to be 200, and it works, we have one here which belongs to my wife. She couldn't care less about Amazon steering her in the direction they want her to go when searching or whatever. I gave her the usual speech about being spied upon by Amazon etc, but she waved it aside - and she knows how the internet works regarding the security and privacy side of it.

She has a Win 7 Netbook and has never even looked at it since she got the tablet, which I find incredible. But I don't reckon she'll be buying anything Windows in the future. Another sale lost. Once they're on the tablets, they're addicted

Android is taking over slowly but surely and the competition don't like it, see here;

The pain of all those lost sales must really be starting to smart a bit.
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