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Thanks for the info, very informative, especially the free program Starter, which I've downloaded and will test out on my desktop computer.

FYI, I started using ReadyBoost when I only had 4 GB of RAM in my desktop, and pretty much kept it out of habit when I doubled my RAM to 8 GB, all based on the old adage that you can't have too much RAM, real or configured.

And felt it was mandatory on a machine with only 2GB RAM, that is not easily upgraded (I'd have to remove the 2, 1 GB RAM chips & get rid of those, then buy 2, 2 GB chips and install them 2+2, a total waste of money and the hours it would take to reach the primary memory chip in my old Dell Latitude laptop).

The second article led to an article that finally tells me how to monitor ReadyBoost performance. Thank you very much, its what I've been looking for.

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