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I installed Avast 8 today. Did a fresh install, after uninstalling Avast 7, and then running the Avast Uninstall Utility in safe mode.

The install process of Avast has always been easy, and I find that with Avast 8, they have made it even more easier, and clearer, with a step by step installation. The steps are very clearly laid out, and bundled extras like Google Chrome, etc. can be easily avoided.

I chose not to install the extras like browser integration, or browser cleanup too, or avast remote assistance, or software updater. I don't really need these things.

The installation was quite smooth, and fast, as usual.

The interface of Avast has changed. I am not very much impressed with the interface, although it does look nicer. First thing I dislike is that there is no maximize button, and you have to work in a fixed size window, which on certain screens can be a problem. The interface contains several tabs, with a home tab as the main screen. It's not much useful screen IMO, but rather it showcases Avast's features present in commercial versions, like the firewall, which is certainly no there in the free version, but still it shows up there, or the SafeZone, another commercial feature. Market is also not which will be used by anyone, atleast frequently. The only useful thing on that home screen is the Scan button.

The other tabs are for Security and Maintenance, from where different settings can be changed. Nicely and clearly laid out, but as I wrote earlier, it feels cramped up at places, and I tend to look for the maximize button, which isn't there. The thing is liked in this version is the Support tab, which contains various links from where users can look for support, like FAQ, User Forum, Manual, Help, etc.

The settings can be accessed from a different button, like before, and it remains the same.

As usual, on my Windows 8 PC, Avast runs great, without any problems. Always happy with that.

Overall, it's a good release. New interface good, but could have been better.
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