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Default Maxthon Final

Maxthon have released v4.0.3.6000, which is a final version, the first for M4.

Installed it over the top of my existing version, no problems and it's running very well. Still no support for skins but there are a few changes to the UI, plus you can customise the look of it to your liking. Maxthon Settings/Options also enables you to control how the browser operates. It also supports many different languages.

It still uses WebKit and Trident, dual engined, and you can switch easily between the two and set whichever as default.

It has built in mouse gestures, screen capture, night and day mode, reader mode, split screen and full screen options. There's also SkyNote, a feed reader, download manager, a built in AdBlocker (which works very well) and a spell checker, plus speed dial and the cloud synch stuff. You can configure many of these features to suite your needs.

There are extensions, here;

... although I haven't added any - and there's no WOT, apart from one called 'Maxthon Flag' which, amongst other things, shows the WOT scorecard. As mentioned before, I have the default search set to WOT-SurfCanyon which gives the WOT search ratings in your search results (coloured icons) but you can use DDG etc. with the same result. So, a combination of those should see you covered for safe searching.

Anyone installing it, I'd advise using the 'Advanced' options on the install screen (bottom left) and un-checking anything you don't want - especially the 'set as default browser' option.

Overall, I think Maxthon 4 is a good browser. It's fast, doesn't hog resources and renders pages quickly. As always, it's fair to mention that Maxthon is developed in China, so you have to draw your own conclusions to that before using it - each to their own, and you don't have to register or use the cloud features if you don't want to.

If you prefer you can download it from FileHippo;

or Softpedia;

... although the review is out of date and still refers to Maxthon 3.

Maxthon is always being developed and updates to the browser are frequent. The Maxthon help forum is here;
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