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Originally Posted by Sope View Post
Sadly there are many people who post on internet forums who lack, shall we say, social skills (putting it politely). As you say, if it bothers you, the best policy is simply to ignore and move on.

I'm glad to say that Gizmo's seems to have an unusually low number of these types active on the forum.......which is nice
And it will remain that way, hopefully . We have zero tolerance for spammers, and low tolerance for trouble makers. Generally, we get very nice people here on forum and the site, which is great. Even in the Gizmo team, almost all of the people we get are nice, cordial, friendly, good natured.. even Gizmo himself is a great person. The trouble makers do not last long here... they get themselves banned eventually sometime or later. I am lucky to be part of Gizmo's .
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