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I do appreciate your taking the time to look into this issue.

As to posts 2,5 & 6, if I had to highlight text after typing it then hit the keyboard shortcut, I might as well click on the soft shortcut buttons. What kind of solution is that? To me, it's pretty useless for them to suggest a fix or workaround that involves just as much work. In other words, it defeats the idea of having shortcuts in the first place.

As to post 17, sure, I can understand if Opera is set up to work in a certain way, or they have decided to change certain functions - that's their right - but why not come out and say so in the beginning? Why not state that in the release notes? Why make people feel they are fools? If it weren't for the supporting evidence from two other persons on that thread, I'd probably still be trying to prove my case.

I can understand too that other persons like yourself may choose to do things differently, or that they hardly ever use a certain feature, but that's individual preferences, as you say. However, for me, I use these keyboard shortcuts a lot and that's what mattered.

I'm glad you confirmed too that it worked in earlier versions. At least I won't have to ask myself if I'm going crazy .
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In conclusion, I suspect that if these functions are of paramount importance to you then moving to another browser may be your best bet. You could always revisit Opera when it's new WebKit version is released
That's why I've moved on to Firefox. Honestly, if I have no serious issues with Firefox, I'd hardly be tempted to look back. As mentioned in earlier exchanges with deya, the kind of aggravation and stress that came from dealing with the attitude I encountered on Opera's forum isn't worth my while. As it is, we get enough stress from other "unavoidables" in life, and adding to that is just plain dumb IMO.

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