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@Joe A.TT

I've had a bit of a play around with those keyboard shortcuts but sadly have failed to come up with an acceptable solution for you (I'm no expert though!).

I did come across your thread at in the process which initially did offer some hope.

Posts 2,5 and 6 of that thread do offer a solution of sorts which does work although doesn't return full functionality.
By using those instructions I could get the keyboard shortcuts to work properly only if you use the specific method of typing the required text in the box first, then highlight said text, and then activating the keyboard shortcut to apply your chosen format.

Post 17 of that thread gives a feasible explanation as to why Opera have made the change, and I suspect it is by intention rather than a bug, so I doubt a fix is likely (especially under the circumstances that Opera will be going through some big changes in the near future!). Over the years I've been using Opera I've become accustomed to their tendency to do things their own, sometimes unconventional, way.

Personally I don't feel any inconvenience in having to use the buttons provided within the forum text box to apply bold, italic and underlining (if I ever bother), though I can see how someone more used to using keyboard shortcuts might find it less convenient.

I can also confirm the functions you miss were present up to v12.02 but were removed for v12.10 and later.

In conclusion, I suspect that if these functions are of paramount importance to you then moving to another browser may be your best bet. You could always revisit Opera when it's new WebKit version is released
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