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Originally Posted by George.J View Post
Keyboard shortcuts not working for you in Opera? Strange...
George, when I was on Opera v12.11 and I was typing a post just like this one in a forum, I used to be able to use the following keyboard shortcuts:
CTRL/B = Bold
CTRL/I = Italics
CTRL/U = Underline
AFAIK, these are pretty much standard. Ever since I upgraded to v12.12, and every subsequent version up to v12.14, these keyboard shortcuts do the following:
CTRL/B = Bookmarks
CTRL/I = (no effect)
CTRL/U = Opened what looks like the HTML or code for the website (I'm guessing here because I'm still n00b about such things).
If you or anyone else using these versions of Opera could get the default keyboard shortcuts to work while typing a post on this forum, then you would really have me baffled.

As indicated in my prior exchanges here with deya, I gave their forum a try, and even went through the process of submitting a bug report. That's what things like that are there for, right? Wrong. deya's comment was I "got more faith than" himself. Well, I like to give things a try, 'less I be accused of not doing so. But I'd say, it wasn't too pleasant an experience.

@Sope, some people on Opera's forum did suggest that I make these custom assignments, but none of them gave me (a n00b) any kind of clear instructions on how to do it.

Also, how do you explain that it used to work in version 12.11 but not in v12.12 to v12.14?

Firefox, and even IE (which don't use unless I have to), has no problem with these keyboard shortcuts, so why should I agonize over it anymore?
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