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I understand when a person is experiencing a problem it's easy to get flustered. Also, when asking for help on a forum it's easy to post all sorts of unhelpful details without focusing on material things that will help someone to help you. All this has to be done in writing and that's not an easy thing for many people. That's why one of our members took the time to write this article:
Next, don't use registry cleaners period. All advice points to it being unnecessary for Windows 7. You could do more harm than good if you go deleting what a registry cleaner presents to you from a scan. IMO, the safest cleaner is CCleaner, and even with that I don't use the registry cleaner in it. Also, don't fool around and change any of the default settings in CCleaner unless you know what they are about.

About MSE, make sure you have it on your computer Now! ...and make sure it's turned on. All of this is on the default settings so if you didn't make any changes after installing MSE, that should be fine. One other caveat: No matter what AV program you have it won't protect you if you don't practice safe computing recommendations.

Now to the issue of FaceBook. I don't use it but there should be no reason for it not working for you under normal conditions. As I said before, the first fact you should establish is to make sure that FB doesn't load at home but it does load at the library on your laptop. Test it a few times back and forth at each location. When we know the answer to that we'll be closer to solving the issue. Try to approach this in a methodical and logical manner.

I see that Anupam has chimed in while I was writing this post. I see too that he echoes some of the things I pointed out above, as well as others which are all sound advice. Please try to follow any advice given closely. Please don't do anything that you weren't advised to do as you could complicate the issue.

BTW, another way to get notification on new posts to this thread is to look below the text box as you type a new post. Under "Additional Options" click on the little down-pointing triangle under "Thread Subscription" and make sure you select "Instant email notification".

And Lynnette, if you want to emphasize some words please make use of the character formatting from the menu bar above where you are typing your message. As Anupam says, all upper case is considered shouting and bad etiquette.
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