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Lynnette, first of all, a kind request... please do not type in caps. It makes things difficult to read, and it's also considered screaming as per the net etiquette.

And please try to remember to answer the questions that we ask, because we are asking them to find out more about the problem, so we can better help you. Otherwise, it will be difficult to help, if you do not respond properly to us. You have to work with us.

Further, you said you don't know much about computers... so, keeping that in mind, please do not try various things by yourself, like reinstalling IE, or changing its settings, or deleting cookies, etc. You might actually make matters worse by trying out things yourself.

No one here told you to run cleaners, or, registry cleaners. And please stay away from registry cleaners, period. Registry cleaners are not meant to be used by general users at all. In fact, registry cleaners are not recommended by us. I hope you did not let the registry cleaner run. If used by inexperienced users, registry cleaners can cause much damage to the system, making it even unbootable altogether. So, please do not use registry cleaners.

Also, please do not use any cleaner, unless we tell you to do so. Even if you use one in future, please use CCleaner, as it's the safest. Again, a reminder, please do not use its registry cleaner part. We will tell you how to use CCleaner safely, but until this issue is over, let's forget about it.

If Facebook is loading on your laptop in the library, then it does not seem to be a problem with MSE.

Since all other sites are opening properly, there does not seem to be a problem with the network too. I also do not think that your ISP will block Facebook.. it's one of the most popular site.

So, I think this might have to do with any setting that you might have done on the computer, or in the browser. Do you recall doing any such setting, which might have caused this issue?

Let's forget about the Facebook link in the Favorites too. Let's just type manually the Facebook URL in the address bar. Please note that by just typing https://facebook ... Facebook won't open. You have to atleast type .com after Facebook. You do not have to type the https:// part .. simply type in the address bar, and press enter. That's it. So, please try that.

In case, this does not work, let's forget about IE(Internet Explorer), and try another browser. Maybe some setting in IE is not allowing Facebook to open.

Please download Firefox from here :

and install it on your computer. Then run Firefox, and type the Facebook address : manually in the address bar. See if Facebook opens now.

Please try the above, and tell us if it worked.
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