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Hello Lynnette,

You still haven't answered in a definite way the question I asked in post #3 which Anupam repeated in post #4.

I'd have to assume that it is one and the same computer/laptop which you are using both at home and the library.

Now you say that "all of a sudden" you got FaceBook back on your laptop, but now it's gone again. I doubt very much that AVG or MSE has anything to do with FaceBook not loading. I doubt too that it's anything to do with a malware infection. Now I could be wrong on both of these, but it just doesn't seem logical, e.g. for malware to only block FaceBook.

It also sounds strange that you indicated that you had switched to MSE, yet you could not find it while at the library, and had to download it again. I can't say I know the answer to that one except to ask if you are absolutely sure that you did download MSE the first time?

You said before that FaceBook loads at the library but not when you are using your home network. Have you tried it at the library again and confirmed that the same is happening?

When you say that you could get FaceBook on your Galaxy Droid, is that on your home network?

Another way to test if your router's external IP is being blocked is to ask a friend to try his/her laptop on your home network to see if they experience the same issue with trying to access FaceBook. This should at least narrow down the issue.
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