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For the past week or so the BBC have been running a series of TV and radio shows about the 'Golden Age Of The Album' - celebrating some of the most iconic albums ever recorded.

This all culminates, today, in a re-recording session of The Beatles first album 'Please Please Me' by artists from more modern times. It was today, Monday 11th February 1963, that The Beatles recorded the original album in one session lasting just under 10 hours at Abbey Road Studios, making today the 50th anniversary of the recording.

So today I'm mostly listening to that album. I was a bit too young in 1963 to have any real memories of the original event. Although I do have memories of The Beatles as I was growing up as a kid, I don't own any of their albums from that time. I do still have a couple of 7 inch vinyl singles from that era, bought for me at Christmas time or birthdays, but I was never a huge Beatles fan when I was growing up. Memories from that time, to me, are pretty much all still black, white, and mono. Happy memories all the same, even though I was just a little thumb sucking bystander to it all, I do remember Beatlemania - some of it quite vividly.

Thing is, listening to it now, it's amazing how good the music still sounds. How good the songs are, the simplicity of them in a way, and then to think how many musicians have been influenced by those songs, that sound, over the years - how many new bands they spawned. It's incredible really.

Here's the track listing from Please Please Me;

Side 1

1 - I Saw Her Standing There
2 - Misery
3 - Anna (Go to Him)
4 - Chains
5 - Boys
6 - Ask Me Why
7 - Please Please Me

Side 2

1 - Love Me Do
2 - P.S. I Love You
3 - Baby It's You
4 - Do You Want to Know a Secret
5 - A Taste of Honey
6 - There's a Place
7 - Twist and Shout

.... and if I had to pick a favourite track it would be 'I Saw Her Standing There' but only slightly in front of some of the others because there are some great songs there.

So here it is .... the mono version;

It's been really good listening to people talking about their favourite albums on the radio and TV shows at the BBC, then digging a few of them out and listening to them again.

Happy days
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