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Hello Lynnette,

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Originally Posted by nett View Post
I have tried a lot of things nothing works except when I go to the library all of a sudden facebook loads ON MY LAP TOP...
If your laptop is the same computer that you cannot access FaceBook with on your home network but it works in the library, then it's possible that your home network's external IP has been blocked. What you described points to that.

An external IP may be blocked when a site (like FaceBook) detects that a person is doing something inappropriate on their site. Now, I'm not accusing you of that because it's possible that your internet service provider (ISP) switched your external IP. Some ISPs rotate external IPs routinely, and you may just be unlucky to get one that someone else abused.

I occasionally help out on Netgear's forum and I've seen such things reported. If you use a router then you may be able to spoof the MAC address the router uses. This should cause a different external IP to be assigned to your network. Once you get a different external IP, you should be able to access FaceBook again. You would have to refer to the router's manual on how to spoof your MAC address. If you are really lost, then I'd suggest you go to the router manufacturer's forum for help.
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