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Default Facebook will not load

Dear Smart person,

I am probably the least tech savvy on this forum. I have never had a computer class.

I will get to the problem as directed.
All of a sudden, when I click on my facebook Icon facebook will not load.

I have tried a lot of things nothing works except when I go to the library all of a sudden facebook loads ON MY LAP TOP ( please do not tell me I am yelling I am not.)

I have restored my computer to an earlier date 3 times
I have deleted history, cookies, cache
I have gone to the Microsoft forum no help there
I have these error messages
Internet explore will not load (then a list of suggestions as to steps to correct the issue and I tried them all.)

Then in desperation installed mozilla firebox and tried and got this weird message
(Yellow triangle with! Mark inside) and the following> this page in not redirecting properly Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for the address in a way that will never complete."

I uninstalled Firefox I uninstalled I.E.9 and Re-installed
I added Facebook to sites to allow cookies by going into TOOLS internet options select security, sites, allow https:/ for cookies

I ran Microsoft fix it tool

It was suggested as follows but did not work "Please check browser settings" but did not explain how to.

I am so confused and getting no results.

Then there is another possible suggestion "Your current IE settings might make it hard to use login notification It's probably because:1.cleared cookies 2. your browser auto cleans cookies? (how can i fix this? It did not say)
3. You are using a new browser. Yes now I am only because of the ORIGINAL PROBLEM NOT THE CAUSE OF THAT PROBLEM now I have another problem.

I uninstalled AVG it was not like the old AVG. It is now a very pushy AVG and wants to sell me AVG.
So I installed the Microsoft essential security software for free not to thrilled with that.

I am so sorry but it is hard to keep track of all the things I tried and nothing works.
I searched the Gizmos site but did not find any similar problems.
I wish I could solve it but it is above my level of self-taught computer knowledge.

help please
Thank you
Hope I did this right.
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