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Originally Posted by Joe A.TT View Post
I just want to chime in here about how upgrading to V12.13 affected me.

Since I upgraded I've noticed that it has changed my default search engine from DuckDuckGo to Google. What's more, even though I tried changing it back, it didn't work. I even deleted DuckDuckGo and re-installed it and ticked the box to set it as the default. Nada, nada - Google is still the default no matter what I do.
Strange, I've tested this and am able to select any search engine I choose (including DDG) and it appears to stick after a restart.
I seem to remember it was mentioned somewhere in the recent update release notes that Opera would reset default search to Google on that occasion for some specific reason, can't recall the details though sorry.
Just a guess, you're not trying to change the settings while Opera is sandboxed are you?

So far v12.14 is still working ok for me.
I do agree though, that since Opera has moved from v11 to v12 it does seem to have become more unstable and buggy.
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