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Joe A.TT
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I just want to chime in here about how upgrading to V12.13 affected me.

Since I upgraded I've noticed that it has changed my default search engine from DuckDuckGo to Google. What's more, even though I tried changing it back, it didn't work. I even deleted DuckDuckGo and re-installed it and ticked the box to set it as the default. Nada, nada - Google is still the default no matter what I do.

I'm getting fed-up with Opera. First, there is the issue I raised earlier about not being able to use the default keyboard shortcuts for bold, italics and underline, now this. I even went through the process of reporting the first complaint. I may eventually uninstall Opera and install FireFox when I reach the limit of my fed-upcy (which is soon). Grrr.
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