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Originally Posted by Anupam View Post
I agree entirely with Dedoimedo. All this talk of PC dying because of smartphones, and tablets, is just a media hype.
Unfortunately folks not only believe what they are fed by the media, but actively feel a need to. In the past for instance, someone might have been regarded as a "jerk" but those tormenting them in this fashion would be relatively few and mainly at school. Now, the fact that Jodie is "strange" gets "shared" with millions on Facebook so the effect is disproportionate to the cause (even if it exists). Here's an even worse example highlighted by the comment:

"I didn't know him, but he was a planker like the rest of us."

From gangs to fad diets, folks have an overwhelming desire to identify with and belong to. The gadget marketeers work this system well to ensure everything new is also desirable irrespective of whether what it achieves is any better than existing technology. Tablets and smart phones certainly have significant advantages over desktop PC's and even laptops, but IMO the only reason sales are so high is because of the marketing spend. I already know several tablet owners here who carted these things around like teddy bears when they were first purchased. Now they sit semi abandoned waiting for some love..... next to their PC!

My estimate is that a significant proportion of tablets will be destined for the same fate as Bullworkers and exercise cycles.
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