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I agree entirely with Dedoimedo. All this talk of PC dying because of smartphones, and tablets, is just a media hype. Dedoimedo gave a very good example of laptops and desktops. Like they both exist, and continue to, these technologies too, will all continue existing together. Although, there may be some effects too. Like, with the coming of tablets, people will indeed buy less of netbooks, because tablets achieve the same purpose, and are cheaper, and also handy.

Smartphones and tablets sales are also on the rise because they are affordable, and handy than laptops, or desktops. Many people won't have the need of laptops, or desktops, and so tablets are a great option for them. Earlier, such a mid-range option was not present for those who could not afford laptop, or desktops, just for simple requirements. Like my mom... she does not have much, or rather any knowledge of computers. Would have liked to have a laptop for her, but that would have been a bit costlier, and also would involve a high learning curve. But, with a tablet, which is handy, easy to operate, and has access to internet, she is quite happy with it.

But, of course, for people who have more heavier work on computers, will go for a laptop, or a desktop as per their preference, ease of use, and requirement.

All these technologies can exist side by side, and these just present more options for the customers, as per their needs and budget, which is great.
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