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Opera 12.13 suddenly went into the looping crash cycle on my machine today. I've no idea what caused it to start happening, the browser was static on Speed Dial at the time. For no reason the browser crashed, the crash report box opened, I closed it after declining to send the report. The browser then opened again, didn't load my Speed Dial tiles, hung for a second or two, then crashed again. This time I sent a crash report, then went through the same process again - and again, and again, and again. The only way to stop the looping crash cycle was to kill the process via the task manager.

I re-booted the machine (XP Pro SP3) ran CCleaner and opened Opera once more. Same thing, endless crashing loop. Looked on the Opera forums, many users reporting the same problem, and on different OS's. This issue seems to have started without reason for many users. It's been running fine for me until today.

I went to FileHippo, using another browser, downloaded and installed version 12.12 over my existing 12.13 and everything is back to normal. I also went into the security settings and set the auto update to 'Do not check for updates'. Opera 12.12 is running fine so I'm going to stick with it and see what develops as regards the crash bug in 12.13.

The looping crash issue is well documented on the Opera Website - Desktop Team and forum so if you're using Opera 12.13, and this issue starts happening, it's not just you. There are postings on the site for workarounds, but I would suggest reverting back to 12.12 Final and disabling auto updates until they address the problem. Looks like they'll be sifting through crash reports for the next few days at Opera. Not much of a stability update.

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