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Thanks Sope

Vic, I don't remember exactly, but I think the installation did not take much time, and was smooth. But yes, after the install, it took time to install the updates. But, I did that in batches later on, and not immediately afterwards.

I generally follow this order.. install OS.. install drivers.. install 7-zip, antivirus, and some other basic programs. Then, I do the customization, settings, desktop, etc. Then, after connecting to the internet, I download the updates.

MC, you should try imaging sometimes. Experiment with it on an extra computer, and a hard drive. It's really easy, and quite useful. You can install the OS, install drivers, download the updates, and make an image till that point. Next time you feel the need to reinstall, just fire up the image you backed up, and you will not need to go through that cycle again. Although, like you, I prefer installing from scratch too, but I had tried imaging sometime earlier, and found it to be quite a convenient option too.

I had to test various driver backup and restore software for my review, and for that, I needed a reinstalled OS from scratch without drivers. Imaging came in very handy for that, because it took only 5 minutes or so, to run the image and get the system back up, like I wanted. Without that, I would have to go through the reinstall process everytime for a run of each software.
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