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Just an update on this topic.

A few days after I had performed the re-install of Vista on my brother's laptop, after downloading painstakingly, a lot of drivers from the Dell site for the laptop model, for XP and Vista separately... imagine my state, when my brother found the CDs that came with the laptop, and the Vista OS CD was in there .

Another experience on the same issue.

My cousin has an HP laptop, and it had Vista on it. It was running quite slow, and had got malware infection too. Also, the laptop is old now, and out of warranty. I decided to reinstall OS on it, and decided to go with Windows 7, just as an experiment. I always could go back to Vista, if Windows 7 installation was not successful. I noticed that the option to delete the recovery partition was there, which was a good thing, as the OS itself deleted it. So, I made the recovery CDs, the option for which was provided too. After that, I deleted the recovery partition to gain hard drive space, as the hard drive is of a smaller size, the laptop being old.

Then, I installed Windows 7 on the drive. Before that, I had run the Windows 7 upgrade assistant to make sure the laptop was ready for Windows 7, and it was. Although there were no official drivers for Windows 7 on the HP site for this laptop model, there was no trouble installing the Vista drivers. The installation of Windows 7 was successful, and the responsiveness of the laptop could really be felt. And surprisingly, Windows 7 took really less hard drive space than expected. Also surprisingly, even the driver updates from HP were offered via Windows updates, which was just great! The responsiveness of the laptop could also be attributed to the fact that many programs that were pre-installed on the laptop earlier, were not present there now. Laptop was quick to boot, it felt light in running, and things were fast.

So, the experiment was quite successful, and it has given me confidence to carry out more of such "rescue" work

Thanks again to everyone for their helpful inputs .
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