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Question Free file synchronization software

What I am looking for is a FREE program that has these traits:
1. is free, obviously
2. runs at startup and stays memory resident. NO SERVICES.
3. can do real-time sync. less hassles this way.
4. will sync the specidied folders/files how I tell it to. and where I tell it to.
5. does NOT put little files that it "needs" everywhere that it backs up.

Now I have found programs that meet some of these, but the ones that meet the
most also lack need #3. It MUST do real-time sync.

Now I have tried most of the ones I have seen listed on this site, and they have
failed to impress me. Even Bvckup has had issues like it sudden cannot read the source even thought the source is available and not locked.

Any help here would be appreciated.

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