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Now we configure the Global Settings,
if you look at the samba config file, you will see this is the first section.
more /etc/samba/smb.conf

The first thing I change is security...
By default (and rightly so) access is granted based on the user
(this would be a Linux user account), you can duplicate accounts,
map users or just require Linux account logins, but I use this server
for central storage, it's behind a firewall and my router (NAT) so
I don't require a login. Each computer in the home network has a
permanent mapping to the storage. (we trust each other implicitly)

This allows me to set the security to SHARE. Users accessing the
storage are unknown which in turn are mapped to the user nobody and
carry the same rights as the user nobody and the user nobody has full rights
to the directory. (user security is better, but it depends on how your using it)

By using this client, I discovered that you couldn't see the Samba Share
by opening and scanning the network from the Windows side, so I added
browseable = Yes
to the bottom of the /etc/samba/smb.conf in the share section (see below).
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