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Originally Posted by kendall.a View Post
My Droid X2 Global popped up with a message when I went to the page. It asked me if I wanted to "complete action using: Dialer, or "Scan with Lookout before dialing".

I assume that means that I am protected?
No, it does not.

IO.Hazard first gave the wrong answer, but corrected himself in the post above.

I got the above pop-up message for my phone too, except it was Avast instead of Lookout.

The pop-up message simply shows options to select one, to complete the action with. It's like the "Open with" in Windows, where Windows wants to know which program to open the file with. Same here. So, the pop-up message does not mean that the phone is safe.

To test, I chose the option of dialer, on which the IMEI number was shown. So, I think my phone was susceptible. My thinking is that if on selecting the dialer, another pop-up message for confirmation is shown, then the phone is safe, otherwise not. So, based on that, I said my phone is susceptible. When I chose Avast as the option, then it stopped the execution of the code.
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