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Originally Posted by J_L View Post
Thanks for sharing this, I got "Complete action using":
Scan before dialing
TrustGo Dialer Protection
Well I have to make some things clear:

As you may already know, Android will ask about the app you want to use whenever you have two or more apps installed that can do the same thing (dialing apps, video players, music players, etc.). If you have more than one app for calling, Android will show the "Complete action using..." as you say but it doesn't mean that you have USSD protection. (The funny thing is that having a second calling app has the "collateral" benefit of preventing automatic USSD dialing ).

In your particular case, you do have protection against web-based USSD dialing which is provided by "TrustGo Dialer Protection". So, the next time you do the test just select that option and check the "Set as default" option.
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